Hacks to Perfect Liquid Eyeliner like a Pro

The eyes have always been known as the windows to a woman’s soul. They are one of our most essential features, and they can make or break an entire look! One way to keep your eyes looking fresh is by applying liquid eyeliner. Liquid liner not only makes your eye color pop but also draws attention to how beautiful you are.

Makeup is a skill that most women have learned how to do, but for those of you who haven’t mastered the art yet, here are some tips on applying liquid eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner is a must-have for creating dramatic eyes

Liquid eyeliner is a cosmetic product applied close to the lash line of your upper and lower eyelid. It can be used for defining or creating a dramatic look, as well as for tightlining. Liquid eyeliners are usually either waterproof or water-resistant to prevent smudging. The difference between liquid eyeliner and other types of liners is that it is not sharpened with an instrument such as a pencil sharpener but somewhat shaped by hand into various styles like cat eyes, wings, etc., using small brushes so you can create thin lines that are precise and perfect every time. The best liquid liner helps you achieve the perfect winged liner without any effort at all.


Apply a thin layer of liquid eyeliner

Liquid liner is the perfect makeup tool for a cat-eye, winged eyeliner, or any other design you’re going for. However, it’s essential to know how to use liquid liner properly so that it doesn’t smudge or dry out your eyes:

  • Start with clean skin and dry eyes. Dab some eye cream on your ring finger and gently dab it around your eyes to moisturize them first before applying anything else. If you have sensitive eyes, this may not be necessary but make sure that there are no traces of oil from lotion or sunscreen anywhere near the area where you’ll be applying liquid liner because it can cause creasing in your makeup application later on if they’re touching each other.
  • Next, take your eyeliner pencil or brush in hand. Please start at the inner corner of your eye (near where your lashes meet), then drag it out towards the outer corner of your eye (close to the end of your eyebrow). Ensure not to go too close to the edges as this can make eyes look smaller than they are.

creating dramatic eyes

When applying liquid eyeliner, the best rule of thumb is to make sure that you don’t use too much pressure on the brush while lining because it will create a harsh line instead of a soft, subtle line many women prefer. It should take two gentle strokes for each eye to get the desired effect. Also, when using this technique, be sure not to draw any lines right above where your lashes grow.

Liquid eyeliner is a makeup staple for many women. It can be used to create both natural and dramatic looks. To create a more night-time glamour style, use the liquid liner as an accent piece by drawing it along the upper lashline or adding extra lines for interest near the eye corners. Liquid eyeliner should be applied with care to don’t accidentally get it into your eyes, leading to burning, stinging, and itching sensations.